CRI Documentation 1: Use of Force

The community made the revision of SFPD’s use of force policy a major priority, and the department responded. Department General Order 5.01, revised in December 2016, prioritizes the importance of human life, training, accountability and oversight of all department members. In the three years since, SFPD has reduced uses of force by 56 percent. All officers have received at least 10 hours of Crisis Intervention Team field tactics training and more than half of the department is now 40-hour CIT course certified. Our commitment to CIT training even inspired a member to lead the development of Critical Mindset Coordinated Response training further ensure positive outcomes. Learn more about CIT here.

We recognize this as important, ongoing work. In collaboration with community stakeholders and department members, we have continued to make major changes in how we log use of force and ensure supervisorial accountability. Currently 51 of our 58 use of force recommendations have been deemed substantially compliant by the California Department of Justice.

Our external partners continue to review our responses related to Use of Force. Recommendations determined to have met substantial compliance by the California Department of Justice will be posted online. Completion packets represent work completed over the last several years, and may contain slightly different forms as the process for approval has evolved to become more efficient. To view, please select from below:

Completion Packets

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