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SFPD Central Station

766 Vallejo Street
San Francisco, CA 94133

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SFPD Central Station community meetings are held on the third Thursday of the month from 5 PM to 6 PM at Cathay Post 384, 1524 Powell Street. Check the SFPD calendar for details on Station community meetings and San Francisco events. 

Station Contacts

Phone 1-415-315-2400
TTY (hearing-impaired) 1-415-576-1711
Email [email protected]
Anonymous Tip Line 1-415-392-2623
Fax 1-415-315-2450
Permit Officer 1-415-315-2422

General Contacts

Emergency Phone 9-1-1
Non-Emergency Phone 1-415-553-0123
City Services & Questions 3-1-1
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About the SFPD Central Station

Every year, more than 13 million tourists flock to central San Francisco, an area encompassing 35 hotels, 34 consulates, and eight of San Francisco’s top ten attractions, including Chinatown, North Beach, Fisherman’s Wharf, Alcatraz Island, the Financial District and three famous hills: Telegraph, Nob and Russian.  

 The SFPD Central station is a gray, six-story structure on Vallejo Street in the heart of Little Italy. This station is part of the San Francisco Police Department's Metro Division.

Central Station District Map

Captain's Message
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Meet your Station Captain – Douglas Farmer

I was born and grew up in Sacramento, California, and moved to San Francisco in 1987 to go to college. I attended San Francisco State University where I studied psychology. I worked at the nearby Nordstrom at Stonestown where I got to meet SFPD officers who would respond to shoplifting calls. Having such positive interactions with the officers, and because I always wanted a career that allowed me to help others and work outdoors, I decided to join the SFPD and entered the academy on December 2, 1991. I was the first officer in my family and had to assure my mother that I would never let the job change me as a person. I graduated with the 170th recruit class in May of 1992 and was assigned to Mission Station for my field training. I loved Mission Station and the job. I was then transferred to Northern Station where I completed my year of probation and mostly worked the midnight shift. I also loved the Northern District and really enjoyed being an officer there. Having to leave Northern Station after my probation period was up, I was transferred to Taraval Station where I worked for about three months before volunteering to return to Mission Station due to a staffing shortage there. I worked at Mission Station for the next seven years and absolutely loved it. I did everything from midnight patrol to a plain clothes gang assignment and drug enforcement. There, I joined the Specialist Team and remained on the team until I later joined the Tactical Unit. While at Mission Station I became a Field Training Officer which, over the course of my training recruits, was one of the most satisfying parts of my career. In 2000 I transferred to Northern Station. During my years at Northern, I became one of the leading instructors on the Specialist Team and continued to train recruits at the station. It was a very rewarding period in my career as I gained a great deal of experience and was working in a district that was diverse and vibrant. I joined the Tactical (SWAT) Team in 2006 and very much enjoyed the work and training and opportunities I had there. Some days were so much fun and exciting I couldn't believe I was getting paid! 

In 2013 I was promoted to Sergeant and worked most of my time in the Bayview where I absolutely loved working. I had many years in by this time and was able to impart a lot of my experience and knowledge to the younger officers. In 2018 I was promoted to Lieutenant and assigned to Central Station. I discovered that Central is a fantastic assignment as the cops are all hard-working and the district is incredible because of all the different neighborhoods. It was challenging and interesting as a commissioned officer going through the pandemic here at Central and seeing the effects on the communities and the officers. I was about to retire in June of 2022 but was given the magnificent opportunity of becoming Acting Captain of Central Station when (then captain) Ng was promoted. I started in this role on July 1, 2022, and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I have met so many incredible people from various communities and really feel like I am in a position to immediately and effectively help them with neighborhood problems. It is very rewarding and challenging. The amount of support I receive from the community is nothing short of incredible. I also feel like I have the best cops in the City here at Central. I love them all.  

I have lived the majority of my life in San Francisco. It is my home and I live here now. I very much care about the health of the City where it goes. I am thankful and honored that I have had a career that has had a direct impact on the city that is my home. 

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