Group of People At Desk in a Community Meeting

Station Captain's Community Meetings

An important way for residents to engage with their SFPD District Station Captain and tackle public safety issues is through our regularly monthly scheduled Community Meetings. These community meetings are co-hosted by your local SFPD Captain in partnership with SF SAFE and provide an opportunity to interact, ask questions, and hear updates about your area. Please find your district stations announcement here or view the SFPD Calendar about the upcoming community meetings in your district.

We welcome suggestions about how to make meetings more accessible.  Community members needing assistance to fully participate or access this meeting, please contact SFPD ADA Coordinator Penny Si at least 72 hours before the event date via email [[email protected]] or telephone [415.837.7221] or TTY [1.800.735.2929] to discuss your accessibility needs.

Monthly Schedule:

We appreciate the time and willingness of all of our community members to step up and play a role in shaping public safety and improving the quality of life of our communities. If you have any additional questions, please contact SF SAFE.