CRI Documentation 5: Recruitment

SFPD continues to seek out the best and brightest individuals to join our ranks. The department has sought feedback from external experts and individuals going through the hiring process to understand how we can improve our recruiting and retention processes. SFPD also works with its Police Employee Groups to receive feedback and improve our personnel processes.

Under the Collaborative Reform Initiative, SFPD created a Staffing and Deployment Unit to provide key analytical insights into how we hire, retain and deploy our workforce. This is enabling us to make informed decisions as to how we can allocate our most important resources - our people. The department also merged the Recruitment and Background Bureaus under Staff Services to create a seamless process to address candidate quality, diversity and pass rates.

Our external partners continue to review our responses related to the Recruitment, Hiring and Personnel Practices. Recommendations determined to have met substantial compliance by the California Department of Justice will be posted online. Completion packets represent work completed over the last several years, and may contain slightly different forms as the process for approval has evolved to become more efficient. To view, please see below: