Reserve Police Officer Program

The Police Reserve Officer Program is comprised of community members, such as yourself, and retired police officers who wish to volunteer as a Reserve Police Officer. These officers supplement the full-time officers in a variety of duties throughout the Department. They patrol in vehicles, on foot patrols, or on bicycle patrol. Most Reserve Officers work with officers, but others can qualify to patrol on their own. This program is ideal for individuals who have an established career and do not wish to make a full transition to full-time Police Officer. Reserve Officers can enjoy the best of both worlds, maintain their chosen career while helping to police an internationally known city.

We offer a unique opportunity to work in an environment that is unavailable anywhere else. SFPD offers qualified individuals a chance to experience working with diverse cultures, communities and in some of the most iconic destinations the world has to offer.


Please check out our Careers page for more information on how to apply.

Contact Information

If you need additional information please contact William Elieff at [email protected].

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