Gregory Yee

SFPD Deputy Chief Gregory Yee
Deputy Chief
Administration Bureau

Deputy Chief Gregory Yee was born in San Francisco, where he attended George Washington High School. He earned an Associate of Science degree in Criminology at City College of San Francisco and a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Behavior from the University of San Francisco. Yee has also graduated from the POST Command College.

Yee says he chose to go into law enforcement because he wanted to work outdoors and help people. He began his career in law enforcement with the the San Francisco Community College District Police Department, moving on to the University of San Francisco Public Safety Department. He graduated from the San Francisco Police Academy in 1991.

During his service in the SFPD, Yee has worked in the Technology Division, Administration Bureau and the Operations Bureau. Promoted to captain in 2014, he served in the Training Division. He became a commander in 2017, serving in the Administration Bureau prior to his current post as commander of the Airport Bureau. In that position, Yee oversaw the equivalent of a large, stand-alone, full-service police department that works with federal agencies, the airport authority, airlines and San Mateo County to help keep travelers safe. He became Deputy Chief of the Administration Bureau in May, 2019.