Chief’s Community Police Advisory Forum Membership Application

As a commitment to procedural justice, the Department has instituted the Chief’s Community Police Advisory Forum (CCPAF) to expand community policing, problem-solving, and community engagement throughout the city.  

The CCPAF is a group of civilian volunteers from the residential and business communities of San Francisco. Its role is to identify issues and challenges affecting their respective communities and advise the Chief about these issues and challenges and discover possible solutions. The CCPAF’s overall commitment is to create a forum for open discussion to problem-solve issues and challenges with a goal of improving the safety for residents, visitors, and communities across the city. 

The CCPAF is made up by the SFPD Chief of Police, one Department member from the SFPD Community Engagement Division (CED), and individuals from the San Francisco community who bring unique skills, knowledge, experience, and networks with them. Together, they make up the whole Forum and define its composition. Please refer to the Chief’s Directive, linked below, for further information on the CCPAF. 

Chief’s Directive

The first CCPAF meeting is scheduled for Thursday November 2nd at 6pm at San Francisco Police Headquarters.