SFPD Officer Featured in Television Series, "Transcendent"

This Wednesday Fuse network will air an episode of it’s original series “Transcendent” that is centered around a transgender law enforcement officer from the San Francisco Police Department as well as AsiaSF dancer and TV cast member Xristina (pronounced Christina). Officer Broderick Elton of the SFPD and Xristina will appear in episode 4, airing Wednesday, October 21 on Fuse at 11:30 PM ET/PT.

Xristina is considering a switch to law enforcement and sits with Officer Elton for an honest, realistic talk about life on the force as a trans officer. Xristina’s past as a victim of a hate crime is part of the inspiration for her desire to protect her community.

“Numerous transgender officers serve or have served the City with distinction including a retired Lieutenant and a current transgender patrol officer who was elected president of her police academy class," said Police Chief Greg Suhr. " I am proud that the San Francisco Police Department is one of the most diverse police departments in the country, if not the world and hope that you will tune in to this episode of Transcendent.”

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