SFPD Academy's 248th Basic / 30th Regional Academy Class Graduates

SFPD Academy Class 248th Photo

There are 45 recruits graduating from the class, of which 3 recruits represent the Oakland Police Department.

Members of this class possess the following degrees: 2 have Master’s degrees, 19 have Bachelor’s degrees, 7 have an Associate’s degree and 6 have prior military service. Additionally, 2 recruits are paramedics.

Several of the recruits are bilingual. The languages spoken are: Spanish, Hindi, Urdu, German, Cantonese, Japanese, Tagalog, Mandarin, Italian and Shanghainese.

The academy class has completed 32 weeks of training. Following the graduation, the newly sworn SFPD officers will begin a 16-week field-training program at various district stations. The recruits from OPD will return to Oakland for their own respective 16-week field training program.