Robbery Arrest

On 4/9/18, Tenderloin officers were dispatched to a robbery call. During the investigation they discovered the suspect was standing on the unit block of 6th Street. As a female victim walked the suspect, he lunged out grabbing her arm and wrestled her cell phone from her grasp. The victim was turned around 180-degrees from the struggling to retain her phone. The suspect ran away on 6th Street toward Stevenson St. The victim along with a witness that saw the struggle, chased after the suspect and caught up to him in Stevenson alley. Officers arrived and detained the suspect on scene. The officers reviewed the surveillance video from a nearby business and saw the entire crime. The victim and witness each identified the suspect in a cold show line-up at the scene. T he officers discovered that the suspect was currently on probation out of San Francisco and Santa Clara Counties for similar offenses. The suspect was subsequently booked at CJ #1.

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