Notes Used During Presentation at the March 29, 2018 Town Hall to Address the March 21, 2018 Officer Involved Shooting 18-045(b)

Map of the the OIS at Geneva / London


Wednesday, March 21, 2018 at approximately 4:28 pm

  • Officers were dispatched to a 911 call on the 200 block of Amazon Avenue regarding a man in front of the residence with a gun.
  • Dispatch advised responding officers that the subject identified as Mr. Jehad Eid was threatening his family, flashed a gun from under his jacket and tried to break into the garage of the house.
  • Officers arrived on scene and were told by a witness that Mr. Eid was at the Amazon Barbershop, located at 949 Geneva Avenue.
  • Uniformed officers detained one subject outside of the barbershop as a uniformed and plainclothes officer walked inside.
  • As the officers entered, they observed Mr. Eid sitting inside.
  • Mr. Eid stood up and shot at the officers.
  • Two officers returned fire.
  • Officers observed Mr. Eid fall to the ground struck by gunfire.
  • One officer was shot by Mr. Eid and crawled out of the barbershop with the assistance of a Sergeant.
  • Officers continued to give verbal commands to surrender as other officers on scene helped with evacuating occupants of the shop.
  • Mr. Eid was not responsive to the officer’s commands at which point they approached and handcuffed him.
  • Officers began to render medical aid while an ambulance was requested.
  • Officers determined that four additional people in the barbershop had been struck or grazed by gunfire. First aid was administered while additional ambulances were requested.
  • All injured parties were transported to Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital.
  • Mr. Eid did not survive his injuries.
  • All other injured parties were treated and have since been released from the hospital.

Additional Information:

  • Preliminary evidence indicates that Mr. Eid fired 9 rounds from his 40 caliber firearm.
  • A 40 caliber handgun was located inside the barbershop near Mr. Eid and is pictured here today.
  • Preliminary evidence indicates that two officers fired approximately 26 rounds from their firearms.
  • The Medical Examiner’s office preliminary report indicates that Mr. Eid was struck approximately 18 times.


  • There are witnesses and reporting parties that heard gunfire or witnessed portions of the shooting. Those witnesses have been interviewed. We are asking that anyone in the public that has additional video evidence or witnessed the shooting contact us so that they can be interviewed.

Involved Members

  • Both of the officers who fired their weapons have been interviewed.


  • One of the officers that discharged his firearm activated his Body Worn Camera.
  • A second officer that discharged her weapon was not wearing a Body Worn Camera since she was working in plainclothes.
  • There are additional Body Worn Camera videos from responding officers but they did not capture the shooting.
  • We have obtained and viewed dash cam video from a witnesses vehicle in the area.


  • Independent Investigations Bureau of the District Attorney’s Office, Department of Police Accountability were notified, responded to the scene, and are conducting independent investigations.
  • Department’s Homicide Unit is conducting the criminal investigation and the Department’s Internal Affair’s Unit is conducting the administrative investigation.

Officer’s Names:

  • Provided there are no safety concerns the names of the involved officers will be released within 10 days per department policy.


Three videos will be shown:

  • Two BWC videos
  • One civilian dashboard camera video
  • The dashboard camera and BWC videos and other images will be posted on-line.




Still Photo of OIS video

Photo of suspect gun on floor

Photo of suspect gun ruler

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