Mission Station - Citizen of the Month - Jan 2018

Patricia Vigil

Meet Patricia Vigil. For the last 48 years Patricia and her family have owned and run Puerto Alegre Restaurant located at 546 Valencia Street. Puerto Alegre is known throughout the Mission District for its excellent Mexican food and fine cocktails. The restaurant also uses its walls to show case local artists works.

Patricia grew up in the Mission District and attended Mission High School. In 1980, Patricia began working at the family restaurant. Patricia is a true San Franciscan, with a deep connection to the Mission District. Patricia said, "I love the Mission, my roots are here, I spent my whole life here and I'm tied to the Mission."

In addition to being part of the fabric that makes up the Mission District, every December Patricia volunteers her time to help hand out toys to children at the Mission Police Station Toy Drive. Patricia has been assisting the Mission Station Police officers in their Toy Drive for the last fifteen years and has been a true pillar of the Mission Community. She is always quick to greet you with a smile and lend a helping hand. Thank you Patricia for always being there for the Mission District.

Citizen of the Month