Ingleside Station Newsletter - June 27, 2018

Gordon Graham, a risk management expert, author, and speaker who coined the phrase “If it’s predictable, it’s preventable,” reminded us in a leadership seminar to always participate in the airplane safety briefing before takeoff, so as to be ready if the unthinkable happens. Seizing the opportunity on a recent flight, I heard the United flight attendant announce, “If the oxygen mask comes down from the overhead bin, put the mask on yourself first before assisting others.” Both Graham’s and the flight attendant’s words reflect the importance of enhancing personal capacity, so that we may be able to help others. Simply put, an empty well gives no water. This month’s community meeting, held at Ingleside Police Station from 7-9PM on Tuesday, June 19th, will focus on training that will enhance personal, family, neighborhood, and community capacity and readiness. This “pre-NERT” training will be co-presented with the SF Fire Department’s Neighborhood Emergency Response Team instructors. If you have already been NERT certified, bring an interested neighbor or friend for a comprehensive review of preparedness principles that will inspire them to seize upon future trainings (like the full NERT course) and events (like NEN’s Neighborfest/Block Party program). Come get the knowledge, skills, and ability for yourself and your family’s resilience, so that you may serve and protect your neighbors, neighborhoods, and community in times of stress.

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