Child endangerment

Mission units were responding to a robbery with force at the Factory 2 U store on Mission St. While en-route, dispatch updated the officers the suspects had boarded a MUNI bus. Officers located the bus three blocks north on Mission St and stopped it. When the officers boarded the bus, they found the three suspects as described by dispatch and detained them. Suspect I was holding her two year old daughter. All three suspects were in possession of stolen goods from Factory 2 U. Another Mission unit went to Factory 2 U and met with the store manager. The store manager said the suspects attempted to bypass the registers and leave the store with store goods. The store manager attempted to stop all three, and Suspect I (while holding the child) pushed the store manager. The security guard grabbed at Suspect I from behind and pulled her hair, knocking her to the ground. The store manager then kicked at Suspect 1. The store security guard, saw the suspects enter the store. He watched the suspect secret clothes and other items via a security mirror. The security guard then attempted to stop the suspects prior to exiting the store, and when he confronted them, Suspect 3 pushed him and they fled. Suspect 2 threatened to pepper spray the security guard outside the store when the security guard attempted to stop them outside. Cold shows with the victims were positive. The child's father came to the scene and took custody of the girl. All subjects were booked for robbery, conspiracy, Suspect 1 for child endangerment, and Suspect 3 for aggravated assault.

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