Bayview Station - Citizen of the Month - May 2018

Ahn Tram

Anh Tram was nominated as citizen of the month by our very own Officer Tang who got to know him quite well from walking the beat on San Bruno Avenue. Mr. Tram immigrated from Vietnam 15 years ago and made San Francisco his home. He realized his dream of owning a restaurant four years ago when he opened the doors of "Golden Sai Gon" on the 2400 block of San Bruno Ave. Since establishing himself as a business owner in the Portola neighborhood, the very sociable Ahn has made it a priority to get to know and interact with everyone on the corridor. Mr. Tram and merchants like him are instrumental in fortifying the cohesiveness of a close knit community, as seen on the San Bruno corridor, where residents and business owners alike look out for each other. This month, we acknowledge the asset we have in Mr. Anh Tram and extend our gratitude.

Citizen of the Month