Arrest x 3

The Southern Plainclothes Team were in the area of Folsom St and Division St when they located a silver Jeep that had been involved in a burglary and hit and run collision in the Park District, John F. Kennedy Dr and Kezar Way. The vehicle was occupied by four people. The team tailed the vehicle and were able to watch it stop and the driver and passenger switch positions. When the suspects exited the vehicle, the plainclothes officers recognized them from prior cases. The vehicle drove off and the team continued to follow the suspects but lost sight of them when the vehicle entered the 101 freeway. Aware of what was going on, a marked police car with two Sergeants from Tenderloin Station re-located the vehicle at 4 th St and Bryant St and attempted to conduct a traffic enforcement stop but the vehicle failed to yield. A brief chase ensued but was quickly canceled by the Sergeants for safety drive recklessly and collided with another vehicle at Beale St and Bryant St. Three of the four vehicle occupants fled on foot while the fourth suspect was stuck in the vehicle. All suspects were apprehended without incident. A search of the vehicle was conducted and officers found and seized a Glock 40 caliber pistol, 50 Ecstasy pills, and burglary tools. All suspects were booked for numerous charges. Two of the suspects were juveniles.

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