1st Working Group Meeting on the SFPD Body Camera Policy

The First Working Group Meeting on the SFPD Body Camera Policy will be held at the San Francisco Police Headquarters, 1245 3rd Street, room 1025 (lobby) on June 2, 2015 at 1:30PM.

San Francisco Police Department Agenda
1st Working Group Meeting
Body Camera Policy
June 2, 2015
1:30 p.m.


Roll Call

Item 1. Introductions/ Purpose of the Meetings

Item 2. Discussion Regarding Model Policies and Additional Reference Material for Future Meetings.

Item 3. Discussion Regarding Working Document

Item 4. Future Agenda Items

Item 5. Future Meeting Dates

Item 6. General Public Comment
(The public is now welcome to address the working group regarding items that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the working group. Speakers shall address their remarks to the working group as a whole and not to individual members of the working group. Working group members are not required to respond to questions by the public but may provide a brief response. Individual working group members should refrain, however, from entering into any debates or discussion with speakers during public comment).


Government’s duty is to serve the public, reaching its decisions in full view of the public. Commissions, boards, councils, and other agencies of the City and County exist to conduct the people’s business. This ordinance assures that deliberations are conducted before the people and that City operations are open to the people’s review. For information on your rights under the Sunshine Ordinance (Chapters 67 of the San Francisco Administrative Code) or to report a

violation of the ordinance, please contact: Sunshine Ordinance Task Force Administrator in Room 244 at City Hall, 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, San Francisco, CA 94102-4683. (Office) 415-554-7724; (Fax) 415-554-7854; E-mail: [email protected].
Copies of the Sunshine Ordinance can be obtained from the Clerk of the Sunshine Task Force, the San Francisco Public Library and on the City’s website at www.sfgov.org. Copies of explanatory documents are available to the public online at http://www.sfbos.org/sunshine or, upon request to the Commission Secretary, at the above address or phone number.

Per the Language Access Ordinance (Chapter 91 of the San Francisco Administrative Code), Chinese, Spanish and or Filipino (Tagalog) interpreters will be available upon requests. Meeting Minutes may be translated, if requested, after they have been adopted by the Commission. Assistance in additional languages may be honored whenever possible. To request assistance with these services please contact the Police Commission at (v) 415.837.7070 or (TTY) 415.575.5827 at least 48 hours in advance of the hearing. Late requests will be honored if possible.

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