Department Bulletins & Notices 2022

22-001 Use of Discretionary Time Off 2022 (PDF)

22-002 SFPD Celebrates International Women's Day (PDF)

22-004 Position Opening: Field Operations Bureau- Alcohol Beverage Control Liaison (ALU)/Permit Unit - Sergeant (PDF)

22-005 Awards Ceremony (PDF)

22-006 COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Requirement for Sworn Members (PDF)

22-008 Traffic Citations Involving LIDAR/RADAR (PDF)

22-009 Crime Data Warehouse: "Find Assigned Investigator" (PDF)

22-010 Domestic Violence Radio Suffix Code (PDF)

22-011 Assignments Effective January 29, 2022 (PDF)

22-012 Updated Deadline for COVID-19 Vaccine Booster for Sworn Members (Supersedes DN 22-006) (PDF)

22-014 Include Case Numbers in Social Media and Other Communications About Cases (PDF)

22-016 Procedures for Requesting Forensic Artist Services (PDF)

22-018 Promotional Announcement (PDF)

22-021 Position Opening: MTA/Muni TSA K9 Unit Sergeant (PDF)

22-022 Updated Deadline for COVID-19 Vaccine Booster for Sworn Members (Supersedes DN 22-012) (PDF)

22-023 2022 Application for The Sherman Block Supervisory Leadership Institute (SBSLI) (PDF)

22-024 2022 Legislative Updates (PDF)

22-025 Revisions to Department General Order 5.01 (PDF)

22-026 Updated Data Collection for Use of Force and Firearm Drawn/Exhibited (Supersedes DB 18-171) (PDF)

22-027 Reporting Suspicious Activity "See Something Suspicious Say Something Specific" (Re-Issue DB 18-068) (PDF)

22-028 Subpoenas and Court Appearances (PDF)

22-029 DPA Complaint Log (Re-issue DB 19-185) (PDF)

22-030 Position Opening: Police Headquarters (PHQ) Officer (PDF)

22-031 Obtaining a Public Safety Statement at an OIS or OlD (Re-issue DB 19-178) (PDF)

22-032 Robbery Investigation Protocols (Supersedes DN 22-020) (PDF)

22-035 Position Opening: Retention Unit Sergeant (PDF)

22-036 Position Opening: Office of Equity and Inclusion Officer (PDF)

22-037 Rebooking Packets for Misdemeanor and CJC Citation Arrests (Supersedes DN 21-129) (PDF)

22-038 Leadership San Francisco 2023 (PDF)

22-039 Revised SFPD 105 Reportee Follow-up Form (PDF)

22-040 General Work Detail (PDF)

22-041 Position Opening: Community Engagement Sergeant (PDF)

22-042 Important update to Emergency Health Order C19-07y dated March 31, 2022, regarding the Covid-19 Booster Requirement (Supersedes DN 22-022) (PDF)

22-043 Reminder of Requirements When Members Interrogate or Question Youth 17-Years Old or Younger (Amends DGO 7.01) (PDF)

22-044 Position Opening: Public Information Officer (PIO) (PDF)

22-045 Green Pin Campaign to Support Mental Health Awareness Month - May 2022 (PDF)

22-046 Position Opening: Professional Standards & Principled Policing Unit Officers and Sergeants (PDF)

22-047 Wellness Program Fiscal Year 2021-2022 (PDF)

22-048 Position Opening: Field Training Program - Officers & Sergeants (PDF)

22-049 Department General Order 3.09 “Department Awards” Update Packet #77 (PDF)

22-050 Pride Patch Project to Support At-Risk Communities in San Francisco (PDF)

22-051 Safe Place Program (PDF)

22-053 Promotional Announcement (PDF)

22-054 Promotional Ceremony (PDF)

22-055 Position Opening: Specialist Team Tryouts (PDF)

22-056 Women Leaders in Law Enforcement Training Symposium (PDF)

22-057 Position Opening: Hostage/ Crisis Negotiations Officers (PDF)

22-058 Command Staff Assignments Effective July 1, 2022 (PDF)

22-062 Harassment Prevention and Bystander Training (PDF)

22-067 Position Opening: Professional Development Unit (PDU) Sergeant (PDF)

22-068 Application to the FBI National Academy Program (PDF)

22-069 Auto Statis (PDF)

22-070 Required Cybersecurity Training (Supersedes DN 21-015) (PDF)

22-071 Range Qualification and Weapons Storage (PDF)

22-072 Promotional Announcement (PDF)

22-073 CLETS – Protecting Sensitive Criminal Justice Information (PDF)

22-074 Department of State’s Next Generation Passport (PDF)

22-076 Position Opening: Special Operations Bureau - Tactical Company–S.W.A.T. Team Entrance Test Announcement (PDF)

22-077 JUSTIFICATION Enhancement on the RAPS Masks (Updates DB 17-088) (PDF)

22-078 AR-15 Patrol Rifle Deployment (Updates DB 17-019) (PDF)

22-081 Position Opening: Academy Recruit Training Officer (RTO) (PDF)

22-082 Mandatory Testing of a Member Involved in a Traffic Collision and the Drug Testing Process (Updates DB 18-085) (PDF)

22-084 Position Opening: Physical Training/Defensive Tactics Officer (PDF)

22-086 74th Annual Police and Fire Mass (PDF)

22-088 Fentanyl Safety Recommendations for First Responders (PDF)

22-090 Telecommute Policy and Program (PDF)

22-095 Department General Order 3.01 “Department Written Directives” Update Packet #81 (PDF)

22-096 Pink Patch Project to Support Breast Cancer Awareness Temporary Modification of DGO 10.01 - “Uniform and Equipment Classes” (Supersedes DN 20-137) (PDF)

22-097 Position Opening: Airport Bureau Range Sergeant (PDF)

22-100 No Political Activity While on Duty (Supersedes DN 20-145) (PDF)

22-102 Canopy Tents “Privacy Screens” (PDF)

22-103 Position Opening: Part-time Recruitment Officers, Sergeants, and Lieutenants (PDF)

22-104 Position Opening: SFPD / US Marshal Full Time Task Force Sergeant (PDF)

22-105 Summarizing Statements in Incident Reports (PDF)

22-107 FTO Ride-Along Program (PDF)

22-109 Medical or Physical Therapy Appointments On-Duty (Re-issue DB 17-236) (PDF)

22-110 San Francisco Police Department 175t1i Anniversary Commemorative Star (PDF)

22-112 Position Opening: Physical Training/Defensive Tactics Sergeant (PDF)

22-113 Application for the SFPD Leadership Development Institute (Supersedes DN 21-161) (PDF)

22-114 Promotional Announcement (PDF)

22-115 Telecommute Policy and Program (Supersedes DN 22-090) (PDF)

22-116 Latent Print Submissions to CSI (PDF)

22-117 Adding Email to your nexTEST Account (PDF)

22-118 Position Opening: Emergency Vehicle Operations (EVOC) Officer (PDF)

22-119 Mandatory Advanced Officer/Continuing Professional Training Cycle January 2023 - December 2024 (PDF)

22-120 Position Opening: Part-time Graffiti Abatement Officer (PDF)

22-121 Position Opening: Crime Scene Investigations (CSI) Unit Officer (PDF)

22-122 Reporting Property Damage Caused by Members (Update to DB 18-184) (PDF)

22-123 Assignment of Court Dates for Non-Traffic and Traffic Adult Citations (Supersedes DN 21-172) (PDF)

22-124 Position Opening: Field Training Program - Officers Sergeants (PDF)