We are the City: Family Summit

Informational poster of family summit hosted by the department of child, youth, and their families.

In Fall 2019, DCYF is launching our We are the City: Family Summits in each district neighborhood of the City. The series will be hosted on Saturday afternoons and Wednesday or Thursday evenings at community-based spaces where we will be providing free meals, childcare, interpretation services, and fun activities for youth. The general public will be invited to attend our neighborhood family summits to share their personal stories, perspectives, and experiences which empowers our residents to play a critical role in our five-year planning cycle. We will listen and learn from our community members who will have the opportunity to dialogue and help guide how the City will support children, youth and their families. The Family Summits are a critical component of the first piece of our five-year planning cycle of accessing needs, allocating resources and implementing funding. We will have a short program which will include a welcome message from the District Supervisor, then engage participants in an hour-long activity. Our target is 60-75 participants. Visit our Family Summits page. 

Event Type
Community Event