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$10,000 REWARD The Office of the Mayor has authorized a $10,000 reward for information leading to the identification, arrest, and conviction of suspect Michael Douglas Nealy, adult black male, DOB 10/15/1976. Suspect Michael Douglas Nealy is a person of interest in an attempted Murder/Robbery incident. Suspect Michael Douglas Nealy Incident: On 6/23/2009, at approximately 11:15 P.M., the victim was told to go to 1019 Golden Gate Ave in San Francisco to meet a female. Upon arriving at 1019 Golden Gate Ave, the victim was robbed and shot three times, leaving him paralyzed. Contact: Anyone with information or questions regarding this case may contact Inspector J. Newman at C.I.U Detail at (415) 553-1201 or after hours through the B.R.I.C.C. at (415) 553-1071. SFPD CASE # 090 643 64