SFPD Statement Regarding Incorrect Newspaper Report

We cannot confirm the name of any member that might be involved in an ongoing administrative investigation. As spoken to by the Department in a press release (16-051) last Friday where a member made a statement with racial and sexual undertones, that member was not alleged to have made be the reprehensible statement reported in a newspaper report by a single journalist.  

We want to be perfectly clear that the phrase reported by the journalist was never alleged by the Department to have been said by that member, nor did witnesses to the incident allege the member made that statement. What the member did say was sufficient for Police Chief Greg Suhr to suspend the member and forward the matter to the Police Commission with a recommendation for discipline up to and including termination. Chief Suhr has been clear that the SFPD will not tolerate any form of biased behavior or speech by its members. The Department has and will continue to investigate allegations of misconduct and, upon determination of a violation of law or policy, hold members accountable for their actions.

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