SFPD Responds to Police Commission Decision Regarding CEDs 17-168(a)

On Friday, November 3, 2017, the San Francisco Police Commission voted to authorize the implementation of Conductive Energy Devices (CEDs)- commonly known as Tasers- as a use of force option in San Francisco.

The Police Commission was tasked with deciding whether or not to authorize the use of the devices after the 2016 U.S. Department of Justice Collaborative Reform Initiative report stated the City and County of San Francisco should “strongly consider deploying” CEDs. The report suggested deployment of the devices can result in less use of force, reduced injuries to officers and community members and fewer officer-involved shootings.

“CEDs are a sound, less-lethal force option that complement the de-escalation principles and techniques our officers practice every day,” said San Francisco Police Chief William Scott. “On the behalf of the SFPD, I thank the Commissioners and their staff for their many months of hard work to facilitate analysis of and discussion about CEDs. I would also like to thank the many residents of our diverse City who provided thoughtful, articulate statements and feedback on this issue, and participated in stakeholder workgroup sessions with our officers.

“We understand and acknowledge the public’s ongoing concerns about CED use. Before these devices can be deployed, it is critical that we submit a solid CED policy based on national best practices, extensive research and input from medical professionals and subject matter experts to the Commission for consideration and approval. The CED policy will be a thoughtful document developed with input from the community and will include requirements for robust training, strong supervision, reporting and accountability.”

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