SFPD Release of Public Information Following an Officer Involved Shooting 19-088

As part of our commitment to transparency, the San Francisco Police Department works to provide the news media and our community with timely and accurate information following an officer involved shooting (OIS). The following represents the SFPD Media Relations Unit response to an OIS.

Initial Media Relations Response:

In response to an OIS incident, an SFPD public information officer (PIO) will respond to the scene and assist in the establishment of a media staging area. The PIO will schedule and conduct a press briefing which will consist of factual information known at the time. If warranted, additional press briefings will held.

News Releases:

Following the press briefing, the Media Relations Unit will publish a news release consisting of the information presented during the media briefing. During the subsequent days and weeks, as additional information is known, supplemental news releases may be issued.

Town Hall Meeting:

A town hall / community meeting will be held within ten days of an OIS involving SFPD personnel occurring within the City and County of San Francisco. The town hall meeting will be held in the community affected by the incident at a date and time to be determined by the Office of the Chief of Police.

Release of Involved Members Names:

It is the policy of the Department to release the names of any officer directly involved in an OIS within ten calendar days, provided no credible threats against the officers exist. The release of information may coincide with the town hall meeting and the names will be included in a news release. If a credible threat against the involved officers is known, the names of those officer(s) will be released as soon as the Department determines that the credible threat has passed.

Updating the Status of OIS Investigations:

The Department will issue a news release updating the community and news media of the status of open OIS investigations on a quarterly basis.