Park Station Newsletter - June 22, 2018

As you all know this week is Pride week. There are many events happening throughout the city in honor of Pride. The week will end with the big parade down Market Street on Sunday 06/24th. Please review the newsletter for additional information regarding the event. Please know that SFPD will as always do everything we can to keep all attendees and residents safe during this week.

I want to review with everyone how you can best avoid being a victim of a burglary. Please ensure that you are taking basic security measures i.e. locking and securing all doors and windows. Be mindful of this security even when at home do not leave a window or door open that is easily accessible from the ground floor. Always remember to keep your garage doors closed and secured. Do not leave a hide-a key. Suspects are very in tune with where people leave spare keys. Do not leave your garage door opener in your car or at least keep it out of view. Please think about installing a security camera and motion activated lights. Of course a big deterrent of burglaries is having a dog but I know not all of us can be lucky enough to have our furry friends on guard each day and night. Finally please immediately call 911 if you think you see a crime in progress or a suspicious person in your neighborhood. District residents have being doing a great job of calling 911 when they see suspicious activity or what they believe to be a crime in progress. These calls have led to numerous arrests. Our officers responded quickly and were able to take suspects into custody.

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