Fugitive Recovery Operation in the City’s Tenderloin Results in 70 Arrests 19-040

On Wednesday April 3rd, 2019 a daylong fugitive recovery operation in the Tenderloin Police District resulted in 70 arrests. Tenderloin Station officers led the operation and were assisted by San Francisco Sheriff’s Deputies, State Parole Agents, and officers from Southern Police Station. Officers assigned to this operation did not use any reportable force to effect arrests and no officers or suspects were injured during the operation.

Of the 70 persons arrested, 67 were booked into the San Francisco County Jail. The three remaining subjects were admitted to local hospitals for medical care. Fifty of the 70 suspects were wanted on outstanding arrest warrants issued by courts in San Francisco County, San Mateo County, Siskiyou County, Fremont, San Bernardino County, CDC Parole, Redwood City, Pleasanton, Contra Costa County, Alameda County, Santa Rosa, Eureka, Pleasant Hill, San Juaquin County, Belmont, and Napa County.

This operation is the latest in ongoing efforts led by Tenderloin Station to reduce crime and emphasize the San Francisco Police Department’s commitment to a safer, healthier community. The Tenderloin is home to approximately 4,000 children who attend schools in the District and attend programs in neighborhood Recreation and Parks facilities. The wellbeing of these children are a major factor in the Department’s commitment to removing this criminal element from the streets and sidewalks these children travel to and from school.

 A list of case numbers, suspect’s names, charges, and location of arrest is also included.

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