Officers were flagged down at the 200 block of 11th Street in regards to a stolen Ford Go Bike. The reporting witness was an employee for Ford-Go Bike.

The reporting witness told officers that he had been actively tracking a Ford-Go Bike via GPS. The bike had been stolen on 7/21/2018. The reporting witness told officers that he had located the bike and found it was in possession of an individual who was later identified as Maurice Boxley. The reporting witness said once he took the bike back, Boxley left the area. The reporting witness requested officers search the area so charges could be pressed against Boxley. Officers searched the area for Boxley, who was described as being in his 40's wearing a red hat, red shirt with gray vest and black pants. While searching for Boxley, a separate witness approached them and advised that a subject matching Boxley’s description was tampering with a Ford-Go Bike Station at 13 St and Folsom St. Boxley was later located and detained at Mission St and South Van Ness. Boxley was positively identified by both witnesses as being in possession of a stolen bike and tampering with the bike station. During a search incident to arrest, officers seized a cylindrical glass methamphetamine pipe with round bulbous end containing residue in Boxley’s front left vest pocket.

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