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    Still frame from SFPD COVID-19 response video

    SFPD Needs Your Help to Fight COVID-19

    Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay home.
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    Screen capture of SFPD website Get Service button

    Go Online to Report Crime

    Help stop the spread of COVID-19.
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    Picture of officer putting on mask

    SFPD COVID-19 Face Masks

    Safeguards to protect us all.
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    Still frame from SFPD 268th Class graduation video

    Academy Class 268 Graduation

    Special precautions taken during COVID-19 pandemic.
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    Still frame from SFPD COVID-19 traffic safety video

    COVID-19 Traffic Safety

    Stay safe- slow down.
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    Accurate News in Real Time

    Your go-to resource for SFPD news.
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    CIT still

    Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)

    Addressing mental health crises for safe outcomes.
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    Make the Right Call

    Make the Right Call SF

    Keep 9-1-1 available for emergencies.
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    On the Beat

    Meet our Southern Station footbeat officers.
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    On the Beat

    Say hello to Richmond Station footbeat patrol.
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    On the Beat

    Get to know Northern Station footbeat officers.
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Captain's Message

Greetings Southern District Members, During the month of March the Southern Police District officers...
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