Vehicle Theft Abatement Operation Nets 89 Stolen Vehicle Recoveries, Scores of Arrests

Over a nine day period in May, the San Francisco Police Department conducted a citywide concentrated enforcement and investigation operation specifically related to auto theft. It is believed that some of these stolen vehicles are used to commit all types of crimes within San Francisco, including robberies, gang related shootings, burglaries, and other thefts.

During the operation, 89 vehicles which had been reported stolen were recovered and more than 40 arrests were made. The San Francisco Police Department made arrests throughout the city for crimes including auto theft, burglary, robbery, possession of stolen property, narcotics, and outstanding warrants. Additionally, multiple serial auto burglars were identified and arrested, with two additional arrests made for unlawful firearms possession.

The operation included both uniformed and plainclothes officers. The San Francisco Police Department is committed to keeping the citizens of this city safe, and as such we plan to continue these operations in order to combat auto theft and related crime.

If anyone has been a victim of auto theft, auto burglary, or any other crime and has yet to report the incident, we encourage you to contact the San Francisco Police Department via (415) 553-0123 or please visit your nearest district police station.

Subject Date of IncidentIncident LocationAgeRaceChargesCity of Residence
Musha-Jiang, Maiwula5/16/15Montgomery St./Greenwich St.19Asian10852 CVCRefused
Musha-Jiang, Maiwula5/17/15Harriet St./ Folsom St.19Asian459 PCRefused
Wilson, Franco5/14/15Bay St./Keary St.35Asian459 PC x 2, 496(a) PC. 466 PCSF
Vogel, Jason5/16/15Market St./4th St.39WhiteWarrant ArrestSF
Russo, Bradley5/15/15Grant Ave./Fresno St.43WhiteWarrant ArrestSF
Stephens, Doc
5/8/15900 Blk. of Chestnut St.35Black459 PC, 182 PC, 496(a) PC, 12022.1 PCSF
Serrell, Rickey5/8/15900 Blk. of Chestnut St.34Black459 PC, 182 PC, 496(a) PC, 1203.2(a) PC, 14601.1a CVCSF
Glaspie, Melvin
5/8/15900 Blk. of Chestnut St.37Black459 PC, 182 PC, 496(a) PCSF
Smith, Edward4/21/15Lombard St./Leavenworth St.25Black459 PC, 496(a) PC, 466 PC, 148(a)(1) PCAlameda
Godfrey, Pineda5/10/15Unit Blk. of Clipper Cove Way35Asian10851 CVC, 496(d) PCRichmond
Linson, Francis5/8/15Howard St./9th St.33White11350(a) HS, 496(a) PCSan Rafael
Win, Emil5/8/15Howard St./9th St.24BlackHoward St./9th St.South SF
Rodriguez, Marcos5/8/15Howard St./9th St.33Hispanic11377 (a) HS
South SF
Rodriguez, Marcos5/17/151300 Blk. of Folsom St.33Hispanic459 PC, 182(a)(1) PC, 496(a) PC, 466 PC, 10852 CVCRefused
Quintana, Noel5/10/151500 Blk. of Bancroft St.21Hispanic496 (d) PC, 10851 CVCRefused
Taesalie, Foe5/12/15100 Felton St.43Other459 PC, 496 (a) PC, 466 PC, 11364 HSSF
Sandles, Andre5/14/15Egbert Ave./Ingalls St.28Black10851 CVC, 496(a) PCSF
Frances, Xavier5/13/15California St./Steiner St.23Black10851 CVC, 496(a) PC x 2, 466 PC, 14601.1(a) CVC, 2800 (A) CVCSF
Juvenile5/14/151500 Blk. of Buchanan St.15Asian459 PC, 496 PC, 466 PC, 602 W&ISF
Coleman, Anthony5/15/15Kezar Dr./Martin Luther King Jr. Dr.28Black459 PC, 148(a)(1) PC, 14601.1(a) CVC, 20003(a) CVCSF
Mitchell, Cedric5/16/15
Steiner St./Geary Blvd.18Black459 PC, 496(a) PC, 466 PC, 182 PCSF
Cobb, Steven5/16/15Steiner St./Geary Blvd.21Black459 PC, 496(a) PC, 182 PC, 1203.2(a) PCSF
McClure, Semaj
5/17/15Ivy St./Octavia St.22Black459 PC, 182 PC, 496(a) PC, 466 PCSF
Burroughs, Devanta5/17/15Ivy St./Octavia St.22Black459 PC, 182 PCSF
Smith, Victoria5/17/15Ivy St./Octavia St.21Black459 PC, 182 PCSF
Krise, James
5/18/15Fulton St./Larkin St.22White10851 CVC, 1203.2 PC, Warrant ArrestRefused
Potter, Chad5/18/15Fulton St./Larkin St.29WhiteWarrant ArrestRefused
Scobie, Donald5/13/15Divisadero St., Eddy St.18Black211 PC, 245(a)(1) PC, 182(a)(1) PC SF
Marshall, Lavelle5/11/156000 Blk. of Fulton St.29Black459 PC, 1203.2(a) PC, Warrant ArrestOakland
Ramirez, Maria5/9/15Euclid Ave./Palm Ave.33Asian
496 PC, 182 PC, 10851 PC, 24409(b) CVC, 14601.1(a) CVCClayton
Augustine, Jason5/9/15Euclid Ave./Palm Ave.26Asian182 PC, 1203.2(a) PCRedwood City
Brown, Timothy5/9/15Euclid Ave./Palm Ave.23Asian182 PCClayton
Simmons, Christopher5/10/15Middle Dr. W/Martin Luther King Jr. Dr.41White11350 HS, 3056 PCSF
Webb, Dmario5/9/15200 Blk. of 25th Ave.23Black29820(a)(2) PC, 25850(c)(4( PCSF
Gutierrez, Salomon5/11/15Unit blk. of Seneca Ave.27Hispanic25400 (a)(2) PC, 25850(a) PCSF
Gonzalez, Norberto5/16/15Alemany Blvd./Theresa St.47Other460(b) PC, 487(a) PC, 666(b)(1) PCSF
Salwa, Arbid5/13/1534th Ave./Vicente St.41White182(a)(1) PC, 459 PC, 496 (a) PCSF
Flores, Krystal5/13/1534th Ave./Vicente St.28Asian1203.2(a) PC, 182(a)(1) PC, 459 PC, 496(a) PC, 466 PCSF
Rowden, Trina5/13/1534th Ave./Vicente St.31Black1203.2(a) PC, 182(a)(1) PC, 459 PC, 496(a) PCSF


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