Suspect Responsible for 22 Auto Burglaries in San Francisco Arrested

Sean Gibson

On October 20th, 2015, San Francisco Police Officers from Southern Police Station with assistance from Investigators from the Major Crimes Unit arrested a subject for 22 auto burglaries in San Francisco.

Over the course of several weeks, Southern Station Police Officers had been conducting an investigation based on several leads they developed. After building cases with sufficient evidence to arrest, these Officers apprehended the suspect and subsequently conducted a search warrant on the suspect’s residence.

The search warrant produced 2 stolen handguns that were linked back to two separate auto burglaries that occurred in the City and County of San Francisco. Steps are being taken to see if they were used in any recent assaults. Other evidence was also located at the premises.

Taken into custody was Sean Gibson, 24 years of age, San Francisco resident and was charged with 21 counts of auto burglary, 459 PC 2nd degree, one count of attempted auto burglary 664/459 PC 2nd degree, possession of stolen property 496a PC, and possession of tools used to commit burglaries 466 PC.

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