Southern Police Station is Moving to the Public Safety Building

Southern District Police Station, a long time fixture at the Hall of Justice is moving to the new Public Safety Building in Mission Bay. After operating for 56 years from the outdated lobby of 850 Bryant Street, this new state of the art facility will replace the seismically deficient Hall of Justice, providing the necessary structural and operational resiliency for The San Francisco Police Department to promptly and properly coordinate public safety services.

The Public Safety Building is designed with energy and cost savings from many strategies and design aspects including solar heating of water, reuse of grey water, rainwater collection for irrigation, day lighting controlled, active chilled beams for heating and cooling of the building, and green operations. The new facility can also operate off the grid for up to 96 hours after an earthquake or other major disaster.

The new Public Safety Building will have a memorial to fallen San Francisco Police Officers, entitled the Spiral of Gratitude, designed by New York based artist Shimon Attie. This memorial combines the elements of glass, sky and light, together with the written word to create an immersive memorial in the building’s lobby. Additionally, San Francisco based artist Paul Kos designed First Responder Plaza, which incorporates three unique icons, a conifer, a bell, and a star to form an inviting, meaningful space where the public can sit and enjoy outdoors.

Approximately 250 San Francisco Police Department personnel will move to the new Public Safety Building. Southern District Police station will become operational on March 28, 2015. The new address for Southern Station is 1251 3rd Street. The new phone number is (415) 575-6000.

For more information please visit our Southern Station Page.

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