Southern District Citizen of the Month - November 2020

Citizen of the Month

Meet Southern District's Citizen of the Month - Adam Mesnick!

Adam Mesnick is a native of Ohio that has made his home in the SOMA area for the past 12 years. Adam is a small business owner and has operated Deli Board Sandwich Shop, located at 1058 Folsom Street for 11 years. Adam is a tireless advocate for the unhoused and for clean, safe streets. He is a supporter of the United Playaz Gun Buy-Back Program. Adam also serves on the West SOMA Community Benefit District Board and the SOMA Community Stabilization Fund Community Advisory Council. When not at Deli Board Adam can often be seen walking up and down the streets and alleyways of the SOMA getting to know his neighbors and talking to the local Beat Officers.

Citizen of the Month