SFPD Request Assistance in Lower Nob Hill Sexual Assault Investigation

On Wednesday, March 8, 2015, at 1:04 AM, thirty-nine year old Victor Vasquez was arrested for a series of sexual battery offenses. Police investigators have linked Vasquez to several sexual assaults dating back to September of 2014 and he has been charged in three of these cases.

The incidents involving Vasquez were centered in and around the lower Nob Hill area of the City. Vasquez targeted women ranging from 23-33 years of age who were walking to their intended destination in the evening hours. Upon targeting a victim, Vasquez would approach the victim and then grope their upper or lower body. Vasquez fled the scene after each assault. He was arrested by officers from Central Police Station while in Collis P. Huntington Park where he was loitering after the park was closed. Vasquez was booked into County Jail on multiple sexual assault charges.

Anyone with additional information or anyone who has witnessed these types of assaults should contact the Special Victims Unit at 415-553-9225.

Due to the ongoing nature of this investigation and the need for identification by potential victims or witness, a booking photo cannot be released at this time.


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