SFPD Quarterly Use of Force Report

Earlier this year, San Francisco Administrative Code Chapter 96A, Law Enforcement Reporting Requirements, was enacted. This legislation required the Police Department to report data regarding detentions and traffic stops, as well as provide information gathered during use of force incidents and arrests.

The full text of Admin Code Chapter 96A can be found at: http://www.sfbos.org/ftp/uploadedfiles/bdsupvrs/ordinances15/o0166-15.pdf

The first comprehensive report that will include all requirements of Chapter 96A is not required until June 2017; however, beginning in June 2016, under Sec. 96A.3, quarterly reports on the following information was required to be submitted to the Mayor, the Board of Supervisors, the Police Commission and the Human Rights Commission:

Admin Code Chapter 96A.3

(b) For Use of Force:
          1. The total number of Uses of Force;
          2. The total number of Uses of Force that resulted in death to the person on whom an Officer used force; and
          3. The total number of Uses of Force broken down by race or ethnicity, age, and sex;
(c) For arrests:
          1. The total number; and
          2. The total number broken down by race or ethnicity, age, and sex.

The first quarterly report (January, February, March 2016) was released on July 26. The second quarterly report (April, May, June 2016) is now available for viewing on our website: http://sanfranciscopolice.org/reform

We look forward to continuing to provide these reports in the interest of transparency and furthering discussion about the use of force.

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