SFPD Arrest Suspects in Butane Hash Oil Lab/ Marijuana Cultivation with Electrical Bypass

In June of 2014, police initiated a narcotics investigation in the area of the 100 block of Molimo Drive for a possible marijuana cultivation operation. A strong smell of marijuana was reported from the area. A search warrant for a property was approved and served on August 7, 2014.

After execution of the search warrant, it was determined that a marijuana cultivation operation was being operated with an electrical bypass. PG&E examined the property and determined that electricity was being stolen.

It was also discovered that a “Butane Honey Oil Lab” was also being operated at this location. “Honey Oil” is the term referring to the extracted concentrated Cannabis Oil. The manufacturing of Concentrated THC (“Honey Oil”) by using the butane method is a highly volatile process. It takes a small spark to ignite a fire and/or explosion. Usually the ignition is caused by a pilot light in a water heater or other household appliance. Instances of these fires and explosions are increasing throughout the Bay Area and the nation. The container inadvertently becomes a “pipe bomb.” The conditions in this operation posed a risk to the neighborhood.

Taken into custody were Alexander Lioulios, a 33 year old San Francisco resident, and Lauren Todd, a 26 year old San Francisco resident. Both were charged with marijuana cultivation, theft of utility services, two counts of marijuana sales, maintaining premises where controlled substances are used or sold, manufacturing a controlled substance, and conspiracy.

Evidence of on-going narcotics trafficking activities was discovered. 84 Plants were found to be growing in the residence along with over 10 pounds of dried processed Marijuana and 82 containers of concentrated THC oil were located. Lioulios and Todd were taken into custody and booked into San Francisco County Jail.



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