San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott Responds to Events in Memphis 23-012

“I have been closely monitoring the events unfolding in Memphis and have viewed the video released by the Memphis Police Department.

“The tragic death of Mr. Tyre Nichols after force was used upon him by five Memphis Police Department officers after a traffic stop is extremely disturbing. What I and everyone else saw on the video images reflect a disregard for the sanctity of human life and is the antithesis of the oath, we as law enforcement professionals, were all sworn to uphold.

“This incident again raises the pervasive issue that has occurred for generations — and continues to occur — regarding using force on people of color (specifically Black and brown men). Those of us who have chosen policing as a profession all have a responsibility to make the difficult and courageous decisions necessary to change this narrative for the better. I applaud and support the decision and swift action taken by Memphis Police Chief Cerelyn Davis to terminate the involved officers for what she described as physical abuse against Mr. Nichols.

“This incident affects all of us in law enforcement, and it underscores the importance of the San Francisco Police Department's work on policy and training revisions, reducing disparities in stops, arrests, and uses of force, and reducing non-lethal and lethal force to fulfill the promise of bias-free and equitable policing that stands for safety with respect for all.”

View the video message from Chief Scott.

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