San Francisco Police Celebrate Women’s History Month 18-037

Women Officers

Today, March 8, 2018, is also known as International Women’s Day. SFPD is proud to present a video highlighting the achievement of women within the San Francisco Police Department.

Founded on years of history and tradition, the San Francisco Police Department serves a diverse community of more than 800,000 people. Since 1849, men had the privilege of being police officers, while women primarily helped behind the scenes. In 1975, the Department accepted its first “full status” female officer, sparking a cultural shift within the department.

The San Francisco Police Department remains committed to pursuing equality of opportunity for women in law enforcement, being one of the first police departments nationwide to have a female Police Chief. The recruitment, retention and advancement of women remains a priority, as does ensuring that every officer is prepared to handle more than just the challenges and dangers across the city. Women can be – and undeniably are – excellent guardians of this city.

Together we can achieve safety and respect for everyone. The SFPD encourages anyone interested in joining San Francisco’s finest to visit Career Opportunities for more information.

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