San Francisco Police Advise the Public of Senior Service Program Impostors Going Door to Door 21-020

A service provider for seniors in San Francisco recently became aware of incidents in which subjects posing as meal delivery drivers contacted clients in San Francisco and asked to enter their homes.

These impostors, who wore clothing similar to the uniforms worn by meal delivery drivers, requested admittance to the homes for the purpose of conducting a “survey.”  There are also reports that subjects asked clients for money. In at least one instance, the subjects had a vehicle with markings that resembled the official logo of a senior service provider. 

The clients did not admit these subjects to their homes, did not provide money and reported the suspicious activity to their service provider. The service provider involved has begun a campaign to inform their clients of this suspicious activity and how to contact them if they have any questions or concerns about their service.

The San Francisco Police Department is sharing this information to raise awareness within the community and offer these safety tips:

  • Do not open your door to strangers.
  • Senior service providers do not ask their clients for money.
  • Senior service providers do not ask their clients for admission to their homes for the purpose of taking “surveys.”
  • Call your service provider if you have any doubt that someone calling at your door works for your service provider.

If you see suspicious activity or persons in your neighborhood, call the non-emergency dispatch line at 1-415-553-0123. To report an emergency or crime in progress, call 911.

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