San Francisco Police Academy’s 273rd Class Swearing In 022-21

Photo for News Release

The San Francisco Police Department’s 273rd Recruit Class will be sworn in today, August 5, 2021, by San Francisco Police Chief William Scott. There are 19 graduating officers, 18 are male and one is female. One graduate is a USF public safety officer and the remaining will be San Francisco Police Officers. Eleven graduates are bilingual and fluent in languages such as Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hmong, Hindi, and Shanghainese.

The 273rd Recruit Class has ten members who have earned Bachelor’s degrees and one that has an Associate’s degree. Members of the class have previously been employed as an EMT and lifeguard and in non-public safety professions including banker, customer service, sales, and security professionals to name a few.

A class photo accompanies this news release.

The 273rd Recruit Class has completed 34 weeks of training. Following graduation, the newly sworn SFPD officers will begin a 16-week field training program at various district stations.

News Release