Robbery, Burglary, Grand Theft

On 9/16/18, a suspect entered a retail store on the Unit BLK of O’Farrell and cut security cables off several hand bags. When an employee attempted to intervene to stop the theft, the suspect threatened to shoot the employee - no gun was seen. The suspect completed the robbery and made off with $5,140.00 in merchandise. On 9/21/18, the suspect returned to the same retail store and again cut security cables with a pair of sheers. The suspect raised the sheers when employees tried to approach the suspect and again threated to shoot a Barney’s employee. The suspect then stole four purses valued at $8,890.00 and fled the area on foot. On 9/25/18, Central Station published a Crime Bulletin containing still photos obtained from surveillance cameras and disseminated it to all sworn SFPD personnel. On 9/26/18, Tenderloin Station officers read the crime bulletin, recognized the suspect from prior contacts, and located the suspect on Larkin St and McAllister St. Officers arrested the suspect for both robberies. The suspect was booked at the County Jail for robbery, grand theft, and burglary

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