Recap: Mission District Protest / Assault of News Crew and Arson

On Friday July 15th 2016 a protest in the Mission District began at approximately 7PM. At approximately 9:30PM, a camera crew was taking video on Valencia Street near Mission Police Station when several protestors confronted the crew. The protestors demanded that the crew not take video of them. A confrontation ensued and the crew was assaulted. 

SFPD officers who had been monitoring the protest moved in to separate the parties. Preliminary information is that three protesters were arrested for battery and for resisting arrest. As this took place, most of the protestors left the area. Approximately 30-40 protestors remained, occupying a portion of Valencia Street. The protestors threw garbage into the street and lit the garbage on fire. Dispersal orders were given and as officers moved in to make arrests, those protestors remaining took off running. SFPD Officers use fire extinguishers to put out the fire. This action resulted in a cloud of smoke. No officers were inured. 

SFPD will retain a visible presence in the Mission District to deter any further violence and arson.

The video crew sustained non-life threatening injuries.

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