Park Station - Citizen of the Month - September 2018

Lain Finlay

Captain Bailey and Park Station wanted to acknowledge the heroic actions of a fast– acting civilian, who helped apprehend a suspect, who was attempting to steal a vehicle. Captain Bailey proudly announces a courageous citizen, Iain Finlay, as “Citizens of the Month” for September 2018. Congratulations to Iain Finlay!!!

On 3/8/2009 at approximately 6pm, Iain Finlay was in front of his residence on the 100 block of Lyon Street when he observed his vehicle drive westbound on Page St passing Lyon St with unknown driver. Last time Iain saw his vehicle, he parked his vehicle inside his garage. Iain opened his garage door, and confirmed his vehicle was not inside the garage. No one had permission to drive Iain’s vehicle. Iain heard an engine turn on inside his garage, and saw the reverse lights on the vehicle. Iain approached the vehicle and the suspect jumped out of the driver’s side door and started to run away. Iain caught the suspect just outside his garage, and was able to detain the suspect until police arrived on scene.

We are so appreciative of his efforts and bravery, and citizen like Iain are an enormous asset to our beautiful district. Thank you, Iain!

A little about Iain Finlay’s personal life. Iain was born in St Helens, an industrial town in Northern England in the 1960’s. Iain’s parents were a Nurse and a Scientific Officer. In 1988, Iain graduated from college, where he study Math/Business. While in college, Iain spent many summers in the U.S. on work exchanges in New Jersey, New York, and California. After graduating, Iain worked for nonprofit work exchanges in New York for a few years. Iain’s U.S. Work Visa expired, and he returned to the United Kingdom. During this time, Iain applied through the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program, and eventually was successful. After being granted a Visa, Iain was employed by a travel company as their Controller in Florida.

A year after, Iain decided to move to San Francisco, where he had close friends, and has lived in San Francisco ever since. Now, Iain works for a nonprofit finance and in Real Estate. Iain’s hobbies include travelling, bicycling, horse riding, running, and Do It Yourself (DIY) type projects.

Citizen of the Month