Park Station - Citizen of the Month - August 2018

Captain Bailey and Park Station want to acknowledge the astounding bravery two civilians whose actions helped lead to an arrest of a theft suspect whose crimes spanned multiple incidents. It is with great pride that Captain Bailey announces two outstanding citizens, Nelson Guzman and William Hanover , as “Citizens of the Month.” Congratulations to Nelson and William.

Nelson Guzman and William Hanover assisted in making a great arrest on July 30th. On 07/30/18 at approximately 6am, William Hanover was sitting on the steps of his home when he heard glass breaking and went to investigate. He saw a person in Nelson Guzman’s vehicle. He got a closer look and saw the individual sitting in the vehicle rummaging through the vehicle. Hanover closed the door of the vehicle preventing the suspect from leaving. Guzman came to assist and the police were called. Officers arrived on scene and took custody of the suspect. The suspect had a key fob that lead officers to the stolen vehicle that the suspect had arrived in. The stolen vehicle was filled with stolen items that were related to four other burglaries and auto boosts.

We are so appreciative of their efforts and bravery, and citizens like Guzman and Hanover are an enormous asset to our beautiful district. Thank you Nelson and William!

Citizen of the Month