Park Station - Citizen of the Month - April 2019

Captain Bailey has named Marylou Para and her cousin Olivia Para Citizens Of The Month for the month of April

This month I am nominating Marylou Para and Oliva Para as our citizens of the month. Although their home was a victim of a burglary Marylou and Olivia had taken several steps that allowed us the SFPD to successfully arrest the perpetrator in their case.

#1 The home has an app (part of the NEST program) which notifies them when someone opens their door.

#2 The home has a surveillance camera that provided video footage of the suspect entering their home and exiting with the stolen items

#3 One of the stolen items taken was a device that had a tracker which allowed them to track the device to a tent in the Mission.

#4 At this time they smartly called the police. Marylou assured me she would never have approached the suspect/s and that is why she immediately called the police.

#5 Police responded and made the arrest of the individual who was in possession of the stolen property. This individual was on probation for burglary. All the victim’s property was recovered.

What a great end to an invasion of their home. This victim’s success was based on all the steps she and her cousin had taken to keep their home secure and safe and even though the culprit had made entry into her home her proactive steps allowed us to make an arrest.

Thank you Marylou and Olivia, congratulations.

Takeaway lesson- get your surveillance camera, your app that notifies you of someone entering your home and put a tracker on any device that is of value. Be safe and do everything you can to prevent being a victim but if you are take all the precautions that will allow us to take these predators into custody.

Citizen of the Month