Notes Used During Presentation at the November 7th, Town Hall to Address the November 1st Officer Involved Shooting 17-165(c)

Arial view of location  Officer's damaged firearm

Suspects firearm  Suspect's weapon in the street


November 1st 2017 at approximately three minutes after midnight:

  • Two uniformed officers, walking a foot beat assigned to the Castro District Halloween Event were flagged down by a citizen at 18th Street and Diamond Street and were told of a suspicious vehicle parked midblock that the witness believed was being broken into.
  • The witness accompanied the officers to approximately 77 Diamond Street and pointed out the vehicle.
  • Vehicle was occupied at the time by one person
  • The officer closest to the occupant in the driver’s seat ordered the occupant out of the car.
  • The occupant produced a firearm as he exited the vehicle and began shooting at the officer, striking him multiple times.
  • The individual then turned to the second officer and began firing the weapon at him.
  • That officer returned fire, striking the individual.
  • The individual was detained. Medical aid was rendered to him and he was transported to San Francisco General Hospital for treatment.
  • The officer that was struck by gunfire was also transported to San Francisco General Hospital for treatment.
  • Both the suspect and the officer remain in the hospital at this time and are being treated for their injuries.

Additional Information:

  • We believe that there were at least two individuals that may have been with the suspect at the time of the shooting that fled the area.
  • Shortly after the shooting, three individuals flagged down a taxi about one block from the incident.
  • Once in the taxi, the driver was ordered out at gunpoint and the vehicle was stolen before being abandoned a few blocks away at 18th Street and Oakwood Street.
  • Investigators are working to determine if the individuals who robbed and stole the taxi are the same individuals that may have been with the suspect at the time of the shooting.


  • Multiple witnesses and reporting parties who heard gunfire or witnessed portions of the shooting have been interviewed, including the individual that directed officers to the suspicious vehicle.

Involved Members:

  • The injured officer has yet to be interviewed as he is still recovering from his injuries.
  • The officer who returned fire with the suspect has been interviewed and provided details of the incident.


  • We have retrieved audio and video evidence from residences in the area that are assisting us with the investigation.
  • The officer that was shot did not have his BWC activated.
  • The officer that discharged his firearm activated his BWC, capturing a portion of the incident.
  • Because the injured officer has yet to be interviewed the BWC footage from the second officer will not be released as it may jeopardize the successful completion of the investigation.
  • We continue to review BWC footage from responding officers but at this time we have no other BWC footage that captured the shooting.


  • Preliminary evidence indicates that the suspect fired sixteen rounds from his weapon and the officer also fired sixteen rounds from his department issued weapon.
  • The suspect’s firearm was located at the scene and is pictured in the condition it was found.
  • The firearm belonging to the officer that was struck is pictured.
  • The suspicious vehicle that the officers were directed to was reported stolen out of Hayward, Ca.


  • Sesar Valadez, 32 Year Old Hispanic male with a residence in Hayward.
  • Charged With: Two counts of Attempted Murder, Possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, discharge of a firearm, possession of a firearm with an obliterated serial number, possession of a stolen vehicle, resisting arrest, and for an outstanding arrest warrant out of Alameda County.


  • Independent Investigations Bureau of the District Attorney’s Office, and the Department of Police Accountability were contacted, were at the scene, and are conducting their independent investigations.
  • Department’s Homicide Detail is conducting the criminal investigation and the Department’s Internal Affairs unit is conducting the administrative investigation.

Release of Officer’s name:

  • The investigation is continuing and at this time we are not releasing the involved officer’s names.
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