Northern Station Newsletter - April 01, 2018

It is my pleasure and great honor to introduce myself to you as the new Captain of Northern Police Station. I have been actively walking the streets and attending your community gatherings for just over the past month. I am excited to join you in working to ensure that the Northern district remains the City's favorite destination to visit, play and raise a family. The officers assigned to Northern Police Station have been working diligently to keep the streets safe. Currently, officers are exhibiting great enthusiasm and determination to discourage and arrest the thieves that have recently preyed upon our parked vehicles. We have, and will continue, to work diligently towards solving this problem.

Please join me at our community's upcoming gatherings including Japantown's Cherry Blossom Festival, Civic Center's Earth Day and the Rock and Roll Half Marathon. Also, check out the wonderful improvements to our district parks located at Civic Center, Kimball Playground and Moscone Rec Center.

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