Mission Station - Officer of the Month - December 2017

David Sands

Meet Mission Station's Officer David Sands. Officer Sands was born and raised in San Francisco, growing up in the Sunset District. Officer Sands began his career with the San Francisco Police Department in 2006, where he left his job as a restaurant chef, pursuing a career in law enforcement. Officer Sands has now been with the San Francisco Police Department for over 11 years and has worked some of the most challenging districts; Southern, Northern and the Mission, where he has been assigned since 2008. During that time, Officer Sands has served as a patrolman, foot-beat officer, plainclothes officer, gang car officer and is currently one of Mission Station's Homeless Outreach Officers. When Officer Sands is not working, he enjoys doing archery and trains in Jiu-Jitsu.

Officer Sands' shift in the Mission District always begins before sunrise. While ordinary people are just waking up, Officers Sands is out working vigorously to address many of the homeless related issues in the Mission District. Additionally, Officer Sands diligence has assisted local victims of theft. During Officer Sands homeless outreach efforts, he has come across numerous stolen bicycles, which he identified using the serial numbers and later had returned to the proper owners.

Officer Sands and his team continue to work hard to address the homeless issues in the Mission District.

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