The Line-Up

The Line-Up is a crime prevention tool that allows the public to get involved through social media. The goal is to get the public involved in solving cold case files by watching and identifying video surveillance of suspects committing crimes. Contact information will be listed below and the public can be anonymous if they choose. The San Francisco Police Department will be releasing one video per week of suspect(s) involved in a criminal act. Remember, you have the power to make a difference in our community. Be a crime fighter and help us in identifying these criminals.

Weapon:  Knife

Description of Suspect: The suspect is described as 35 years of age, 6'00", 180 lbs.,  with black hair, and black eyes, with pockmarks on his face.  He speaks Thai and limited English.

MO:   The suspect, Ricky Pholsith (aka Ratanaphon Pholsith), attempted to sexually assault the female victim.  When she resisted, he began choking her and then stabbed her in the head with a knife.  The suspect had previously threatened to kill the victim and her boyfriend.  The suspect in known to have two firearms registered to him and carries a knife and may be in possession of these weapons.  A felony arrest warrant has been issued for Pholsith's arrest.  He has been known to drive a 2011 Toyota Seneca, dark-gray, four-door, with license plate number KUMAN77.

Date of incident:   January 7, 2013

 Location: 400 block of 39th Avenue, San Francisco

Contact:  If anyone has any information concerning the whereabout of the suspect, please call the Special Victims Unit, 553-1361 or anonymously via on-line, phone, or text below.

By Phone: 415-575-4444

By Text: TIP411                  

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