Ingleside - Officers of the month - September 2018

Foxworth & Espinoza
This month’s Featured Officers of the Month for September are Ofc. Jennifer Foxworth and Ofc. Daniel
Espinoza, both of whom are the embodiment of both the competence and character I referred to in the “Captain’s Message.”
Competence: Last month, SFPD crime mapping software compiled all of the in-person, online, and 311-generated auto burglary incident reports in the Ingleside and generated a “heat map.” This indicated that there was an auto burglary “hot spot” in the area of Bernal Heights and Anderson with break-ins occurring
between the hours of 2PM and 5PM. At 4:10PM on a “passing call,” these officers spotted a suspicious vehicle. Running the plate, they determined that the registered owner was on probation for felony grand theft with a search condition. They detained the probationer and occupants, conducted a search, and located an illegal stun gun device, a window punch commonly used to break
into vehicles, and a theft-prevention clothing tag remover. The probationer was booked on felony charges and the probation violation.
Character: An Ingleside resident wrote me an email:
“About a month ago, my husband and I were at the Noe Valley Rec Center playground with our twin 4-year-old boys. We were leaving the playground just as an SFPD patrol car was parking. My boys were checking out the cruiser and the two officers let my boys check out their car. Other kids from the playground started congregating and looking at the dash keyboard, microphone, lights, etc. These officers were both so wonderful with the kids, and the parents around were all impressed with the officers letting their kids get close to the car and see how the lights work... So, huge props to these two officers, and all of you, for suchpositive interactions with the communities you serve and protect.”
Our City’s Motto is: “Oro en Paz; Fierro en Guerra” (Gold in Peace; Iron in War). This profession demands
us to be many things to many people, but at our core we must be shining examples of integrity and strength; truly competent and truly people of character.
Officer of the Month