Department Files Charges With the Police Commission

In the interest of transparency, the Department is providing the following information to the public regarding charges filed with the Police Commission.

In early February, the Department became aware of a member who used inappropriate language in the presence of two other employees.  The language used had sexual and racial undertones.  In line with Department policy and the Not on My Watch initiative, the “witness” members reported the conduct.  An investigation was initiated immediately and the involved member was disarmed and reassigned to a nonpublic contact position as the investigation moved forward. 

The investigation was completed in early April and, based upon the investigative findings, Chief Suhr suspended the member and forwarded the matter to the Police Commission with a recommendation for discipline up to and including termination. Chief Suhr has been clear that the SFPD will not tolerate any form of biased behavior or speech by its members. The Department has and will continue to investigate allegations of misconduct and, upon determination of a violation of law or policy, hold members accountable for their actions.

In order to help eliminate bias and to improve cultural competency, the Department announced its “Not on My Watch” initiative in December of 2015.  This initiative encourages employees to refuse to allow bias and discrimination to happen in their presence at any time . Additionally, all sworn members are participating in, ‘Preventing Workplace Harassment” training and will be receiving training on procedural justice and implicit bias by the end of 2016.

The Department continues its ongoing efforts by: partnering with community leaders to improve cultural competency training for all officers, to increase interactions at the District Station level by having Captains work directly with leaders in the respective communities, by expanding recruitment campaigns designed to encourage people of color to choose a career with the SFPD and to focus on adopting recommendations as outlined in President Obama’s 21st Century Policing Report. The Department’s response can be accessed at:

27535-SFPD Response_21st Century Policing_Final 2015_09_22.pdf

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