The City Approves SFPD’s Surveillance Technology Policy Ordinance 22-135

The goal of this proposed policy is to clarify, affirm, and codify SFPD’s use of video surveillance technology owned and operated by businesses and individuals who want to address crime in this city. Video footage provides objective, direct, and circumstantial evidence of the crime and notably can exonerate individuals. 

Cameras are necessary tools that can lead to the identification, arrest, and prosecution of individuals engaging in criminal activity in our city. The criminal justice system depends on the participation of victims and witnesses. The video footage they provide will enhance their ability to seek justice. 

This policy ordinance defines limited and restricted circumstances where we can request live monitoring or historical footage from video surveillance technology already in place throughout the city. Furthermore, the Department has considered the potential civil liberties impacts and has identified safeguards to ensure protections as mitigating measures. 

This policy reaffirms our commitment to engage in transparent, and responsive policing while protecting the rights of everyone that makes up the diverse community we serve. The Department continues to comply with all Police Commission adopted general orders and modeling a 21st-century police department. 

News Release